11 Oct

A forgiveness program podcast can offer a lot of helpful information. One example of a podcast that discusses forgiveness is "The F Word," hosted by journalist and founder of The Forgiveness Project Marina Cantacuzino. This podcast features interviews with people who have found forgiveness in their lives. Some of these people have already forgiven others, while others are grappling with the notion of forgiving themselves. Whether they have forgiven others or not, these guests all reveal a remarkable strength born of vulnerability and a human search for meaning. In this podcast at brendareiss.lpages.co, two people who have experienced the pain of losing a child speak about their personal journeys of forgiveness. First, we meet Paul Kohler, who suffered a violent attack in 2014 and lost his daughter, Candace, during the attack. Paul's wife and daughter also were in the house at the time of the attack. 

After the attack, the Kohler family worked with the offender through restorative justice. Another victim of violence, Lis Cashin, speaks with Marina Cantacuzino. She talks about how trauma impacted her life, her self-forgiveness, and how she used the trauma to find meaning. The forgiveness program podcast features interviews with people who have found forgiveness in their lives. They include Figen Murray, whose son was killed in a terrorist attack in Manchester, UK. She has become an active counter-terrorism activist, and she also talks to an Anglican priest and social justice activist, Father Michael Lapsley. All three have been affected by violent crimes - one of the guests, Tony Hicks, was recently released from prison. Be sure to see more here! Recently, President Joe Biden announced a plan to forgive student loan debt. It's a policy that will apply to people earning less than $125,000 a year and who attended college on a Pell Grant. But while it's an important policy, it's not without controversy. Rick Kyte and Scott Rada discuss legal and policy issues related to the plan from both sides. 

Make sure to check out this website at https://www.cnn.com/videos/podcasts/fareedzakaria/site/2011/09/25/gps-special-podcast-9-25-site-use.cnn for more details about podcast. The forgiveness program podcast features interviews with authors and activists, as well as therapists. First up is Wilma Derksen, who lost her daughter, Candace, to a violent crime in Winnipeg. She's had a circuitous journey through self-healing and forgiveness. Her friends Andrea Martinez, an actress and talk show host, and Geoff Thompson are also interviewed. Both authors have experienced the aftermath of violent crimes and have since been successful in their respective fields.

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